For sale: fantastic bush block on the NSW South Coast

Here’s your chance to own a beautiful and private block of easy-access bushland on the doorstep of a South Coast landmark.

Myrtle Mountain lies 30km south of Bega and just a 30 minute drive inland from gorgeous Tathra Beach. The land for sale covers 40 hectares (93 acres) of original and regrowth forest, dotted with tree fern gullies and waterholes. It’s a fantastic habitat for wildlife, regularly visited by gliders, wallabies, Powerful Owls and lyrebirds.

Due to a council requirement most of the land is protected from clearing, but you can build as much house and garden as you want in the large building envelope, set on the top of the ridge with a sunny northerly aspect. This would be a perfect place to build a solar house, and with a small amount of clearing you’d enjoy fantastic views north across the Bega Valley.

Sunny open forest at the top of the slope. Insert your sustainable home and garden here!

Sunny open forest on top of Myrtle Mountain. Insert your sustainable home and garden here!

Home site on land for sale, Myrtle Mountain, South Coast NSW

Looking west across the building envelope.

Access to the property is exceptionally easy for a bush block in this area. The sealed highway from Candelo to Wyndham goes within 600 metres of your boundary, with a well-maintained all-weather gravel road taking you to the property itself. But in all the time we’ve spent camping on the block, I doubt we’ve ever heard more than 10-15 cars go past in a day.

Phone cables run within 20 metres of the home site, and mains electricity comes to the neighbouring property, around 400 metres away. We always planned to build off-grid and run on the abundant solar power, but according to a brief conversation with Country Energy connecting to the grid would be a relatively simple matter of putting in a couple of small power poles, and if necessary a transformer.

Getting around the property is easy. There’s a useable vehicle track that runs along the edge of the home site, which would make it easy for tradesmen to drive right to the edge of the building site. A maintained fire trail runs down from our access road most of the way to the lower boundary – you can get up and down it by 4WD but it’s a bit too steep for a normal car. And the open and dry nature of the bush on our side of the ridge makes it easy to get to the creeks and waterholes down below on foot.

Access to the block is easy, even in a small 2WD car. The trees on the left shelter the home site from the quiet access road.

Access to the block is easy, even in an ancient Daihatsu Charade. The home site begins on the right of the picture. The trees on the left provide visual screening from the access road.

The main thing you need to think about with this property is your water needs. There are a number of ephemeral creeks on the property that all join just inside the lower boundary, but in order to have a secure water supply you’ll need to put in a dam and/or install a good-sized tank or two. Water tanks would be the better and probably cheaper option: last time I checked, bushfire building regulations required a minimum 10,000 litre reserve of water for firefighting – and I’d prefer to have this right next to my house than somewhere down the hill.

We bought Myrtle Mountain with big dreams to move down and set up our sustainable bush lifestyle. We’re a bit heartbroken to be selling, but after eight years of precious weekends enjoying the most magically peaceful and private campsite, we’ve decided that life is taking us in a different direction. The good news for you: there’s a blank canvas waiting for you to build your bush dream on.

Check the rest of this site for more details about Myrtle Mountain and our beautiful surrounding area. If you want to arrange an inspection or ask any questions, please get in touch with us via the Contact page.


Photo Gallery

Tall forests and creek line on the lower slopes of the block.

Sunny open forest at the top of the slope. Insert your sustainable home and garden here!

Access to the block is easy, even in a small 2WD car. The trees on the left shelter the home site from the quiet access road.

Granite outcrops and waterhole, a ten minute walk downhill from the home site.

Another view of the creek.

A graded fire trail provides 4WD access to the lower slopes of the land.

Enjoy perfect private camping, with nightly visits from Yellow-bellied Gliders and wake-up calls from lyrebirds.

Great stuff on your doorstep

Living at Myrtle Mountain gives you access to some of the most beautiful spots on the South Coast.


View from Candelo up the Bega Valley - by suburbanbloke, on flickr

Ten minutes’ drive down the hill, Candelo is a thriving farming village among stunning green pastures, which hosts one of the South Coast’s biggest markets on the first Sunday of every month. The markets have paid for some fantastic facilities around the village – this may be the smallest village in Australia to boast its own Olympic-size swimming pool. The cafe in the old Town Hall serves up fantastic scones and coffee. For the last couple of years the village has run a great folk festival, as well as gigs by touring musos every few weeks and a fun monthly bush dance. Local services available in Candelo include petrol, a post office, basic groceries, a pub and a bowling club.

Tathra and Bournda National Park

Tathra Beach. Image by Richard Taylor

A half-hour drive from Myrtle Mountain, Tathra has a beautiful patrolled surf beach and a famous steamer wharf dating from the 1860s, which is now a popular fishing spot. South of Tathra off the coast road towards Merimbula is Bournda National Park, with more secluded beaches, saltwater lagoons (great for kayaking) and dramatic cliff scenery.

South East Forest National Park

The tall wet eucalyptus forests of South East Forest NP begin just across the road from the property. The park comprises rugged mountains rising to 1000m, lush fern-filled gullies and tall forests, and is a rich habitat for wildlife including four species of glider, Powerful Owl, as well as endangered species including koala, Long-footed Potoroo and Smoky Mouse. It’s adventurous country, great for exploratory bushwalks and mountain biking. There’s a good downhill ride that follows Myrtle Road (the gravel road that leads past the property) down through the forests towards Wyndham.

Merimbula and Eden

Heading south, Merimbula is just a half hour’s drive from Myrtle Mountain, and offers entertainment in the form of water sports, restaurants and oyster barns. On the way, we can heartily recommend the pub meals at the Wolumla Hotel. The port town of Eden, with its famous Killer Whale museum, sea lion colony and harbour, is just under an hour’s drive from the property.


Bega is by far the best place in the region to stock up on supplies – and not just of cheese. There’s a great little organic veggie shop, yoga studios, big brand supermarket, and somewhere to buy pretty much everything you need that can’t be grown in the ground. It’s also a gently bubbling hotbed of activism, being home to the solar-focused organisation Clean Energy for Eternity, who are busy putting solar panels on every fire station they can get their hands on. We like Bega more every time we go there!